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Saturday is painting day. I didn’t manage to adjust well the colors in photoshop. So sorry if it’s too saturate…  I would like to wake up earlier every morning to go painting outside before work (like the guys in california). But obviously, summer starts to fade away.

I did around 10 Illustrations and cover for Bayard Edition, 3 months ago. For magazine Dlire this time which is gonna change his name. It’s the last Dlire ever. You have to buy it !
I illustrated the July one, and we are in August now… I know…. I’m late…. but you can still find it, i think, if you are living in France and motivate to search in all good newspaper sellers.

new colors nintendo 3ds sketches. Boring no ?

quite old 30’min speed painting
"I can’t play if you are in front of me"

kinopia asked: I am IN LOVE with your lighting. I am big fan and I truly look forward to more! <3

Thanks a lot =) ! I will try to work more and post more !